Can Ergonomic Chairs Cure Back Pain?

If you have been dealing with spinal complications, especially in the lower back area, the last thing to be put to blame is the chair you spend a considerable number of hours on. Even if you spend 4 hours a day sitting on a chair at your workstation, you are bound to stress your neck, shoulders, and lower back. Without proper lumbar support, you’re only restricting your productivity and affecting your posture all at the same time.

ergonomic office chair

But the real question – is an ergonomic chair actually curing your back pain? Well the answer to it depends on the nature of the complication. For instance, if you have back, shoulder, or neck pain as a result of strain on your posture, then an ergonomic chair can actually help cure the problems. However, if your back, shoulder, or neck pain has developed into a chronic condition, even then an ergonomic chair can be useful in pain relief.

How Does It Relieve Pain?

While you should always seek medical advice only from your doctor, the best ergonomic office chairs can be used by anyone and everyone who has to sit on a chair for extended periods of the day or night. That said you should also look to check and maintain your posture every 30 minutes. While an ergonomic chair can be quite beneficial in relieving pain, it may not offer you much good if you maintain a very slacky position while you sit.

Ideally you should first see how comfortable you are with your desk on the chair you are currently on. Once you realize the correct height, look for an adjustable ergonomic chair accordingly. It is recommended to have an ergonomic chair with ample lumbar support for the lower back and extra padding on the shoulders and armrests. This can help you maintain a very straight yet relaxed posture. However, don’t forget to take short walks and do stretch every 1 hour keep blood circulation regulated.

When testing an ergonomic chair, sit on it and move around. If you feel that the reclining is restricted to the point where you can’t shift much weight backwards or to the sides, then look for a better option. And again, always look for options with the best lumbar support available. While a good ergonomic chair may cost between $500 and upwards, the long term relief and posture benefits along with a healthy lifestyle can promote your overall well being.



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